Ingenieurburo 工程
Styling 造型
DEsign 设计
RAcing 赛车

Brand History

Exclusive Personalization

Vehicle Materials

40 year Brand History|Handcrafted Exclusive Personalization|Aerospace-grade Vehicle Materials

58-Year Car Production Experience

With over 40 years of brand history, Isdera pours every drop of expertise into supercar production.
Breaking the limits, and masterpieces were born.

1969|erator GTE     A Complete Self-Construction Start from Scratch, Propelled by Passion
This is a sports car born in a laundry-converted workshop. Design sketches, engineering structure, body frame, Every little point is purely hand-made. After two years of production, It's legal for this car to be on road. And the legend begins.

1979|CW311     The One-and-Only Benz-Labeled, Unparalleled
In 1979, a handmade supercar made its debut. It was at the absolute top of its time. This supercar had a wind resistance coefficient (Cw) of 0.311, hence the name. Its top speed reaches 319km, hitting 0-100km/h in just 4.8 seconds. It appears to be a soaring spaceship when the gull-wing doors are open.

1982|Spyder     Isdera's First Mass-Produced Model
With Spyder, Isdera launched in 1982: a dynamic sports car, small and light, without doors, roof, and trunk, but with performance comparable to that of a racing car. In 1984, the Stuttgart Design Center awarded this road-legal Spyder its Stuttgart Design Award.

1984|Imperator 108i     Utterly Isdera, Ultimate Performance
Repeatedly awarded "The Fastest Car in the World" by Road & Track, the Imperator 108i is the production model of the legendary CW311. Built for personalization, it retains three main features that belonged to Isdera: the gull-wing doors, the periscopic exterior mirrors fixed to the roof and the hexagonal front windshield. Between 1986 and 1991, the Imperator's powertrain was upgraded from the original, by which time the Imperator 108i had a top speed of over 310km/h and 0-100km/h acceleration in 4.8 seconds. This monster is the regular of track days.

1993|Commendatore 112i     The Crown of Isdera
The Commendatore 112i is tailored for Le Mans. Gull-wing doors, a 12-cylinder engine and excellent aerodynamics make it a new hit: a top speed of 368km/h and 0-100km/h in just 4.1 seconds. In February 2021, the Commendatore 112i was sold at Sotheby's France for €1,113,125, approximately 8.05 million RMB.

2004|autobahnkurier 116i     Gracefully Vintage
"Autobahnkurier" means highway courier. This 1930s vintage-style car features two sets of engines, which can run separately or together. In other words, it can be front-wheel, rear-wheel, or four-wheel drive. The AK 116i is 2270kg. It has an engine capacity of 10L and 600 horsepower, allowing it to reach a top speed of 242 kph.

2018|Commendatore GT     Pure Electric, Legend Continues
Over half a century after it was founded, Isdera has held true to its founding principles from the era of fuel to electric, inheriting the brand essence of handcrafted supercar. The Commendatore GT represents continuous technological iteration and a relentless pursuit of perfection. The full carbon fiber chassis provides the necessary strength and rigidity to ensure safety and high performance in all cases. With a weight of only 1790kg paired with 600kW of power and 1060N·m of torque, the Commendatore GT achieves 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 302km/h.

Alluring Schick

Inspired by Eurasian Ice

Formed during the geological movements of the Ice Age,
Eurasian glaciers are the result of
the fusion and collision of two continents.
Grand, calm, restrained, mysterious;
With huge energy, and full of imagination.

One-on-One Personalization

Dual-Line Strategy: Manual & Manufaktur

Heart-touching details;
Dedicated features and configurations.
A ME car exclusively designed for YOU.

Precise and Organized Engineering

By the Top Tuning Team

German mechanical aesthetics reflect in self-made carbon fiber body and component manufacturing technology.
Meticulous engineering;
Precise tuning of handling.