The GT Story

We updated the legacy in a pure electric form

100% electric

In 1993, the legendary Commendatore 112i was used to create a sports car that tamed the concentrated power of a V12 and combined it with a classic, elegant shape. In 6 years of development, a purist masterpiece has been created that still captivates many today. The Commendatore is not just an icon, it reflects our beliefs: the perfect symbiosis of design and technology.

Electromobility is ushering in a new era. For us, it means closing the chapter of internal combustion engines and opening a new one.

With ISDERA, we are adapting to this change while remaining true to our philosophy. The new skills and the pursuit of perfection is being tested again. In this new chapter, a worthy successor emerged, the ISDERA COMMENDATORE GT.

in only 24 weeks

With the landscape of technological advancement ever accelerating. We at ISDERA are continually analysing our design and development processes within our broad network of partners and suppliers to insure we are at the forefront of that development curve.

Our location in the automotive Mecca that is Germany grants access to the talent the presides here enabling us for example to produce the COMMENDATORE GT in just 24 weeks.

Define new lines
Define new lines

The challenge was to capture the essence of elegance and dynamism from the classic ISDERA COMMENDATORE and transfer it to a new electrical platform.

Starting from a clean sheet a new worthy successor was conceived. The compact electrical platform enabled the design to have a very low roof line along with a spacious, luxurious interior. The new COMMENDATORE GT epitomizes the philosophy of the ISDERA brand.


The initial idea born on paper, the process then moves to sculpting the concept in three dimensions. A preliminary sketch model is formed digitally which is then milled in clay to be explored in reality. Careful refinement is carried out between clay and digital sculpting until the form adhered to both engineering and design requirements.


With our partner company RODING AUTOMOBILE we have successfully revolutionized how we approached the design and manufacture of the chassis of the COMMENDATORE GT.

A full Carbon monocoque provides the necessary strength and rigidity for both safety and high performance in every driving scenario. All this along with keeping a respectable overall weight of just 1750 kg.

A bespoke to the COMMENDATORE GT battery coupled with two 600kw motors producing 1350 Nm of torque can accelerate the COMMENDATORE GT from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and onto a top speed of 302 km/h.

Quality and Detail
Quality and Detail

Every Isdera is characterized by precise craftsmanship and uncompromising devotion to detail. The GT project continues our

40-year tradition and sets new standards. Each component is manufactured by hand in Germany and passes through an exhaustive program of quality control checks to ensure perfection in all areas. The result is a symbiosis of tradition and the latest technology.

Testing and racing
Testing and racing

The Commendatore GT underwent extensive testing at the Nürburgring, Sachsenring and underwent real conditions road testing

where our engineers honed both the performance and durability of every aspect of the Commendatore GT.

and the result

The Commendatore GT combines the fundamental qualities of a Grand Tourer with an uncompromising electric performance.

It shows that ISDERA as a company is not only creating cars for today but has started to shape the future of tomorrow.

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